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One of the great values in international education is a California community college education.

One of California's 107 stellar public community colleges is Los Angeles Harbor College.

To understand the true value of a California community college education, one must first understand that there is a three-tiered system of higher education in California, one that involves the University of California (UC) System (which includes such prestigious institutions as
UC Berkeley and UCLA), the California State University (CSU) System (which includes such notable institutions as CSU Los Angeles, CSU Dominguez Hills, CSU Long Beach, the California Maritime Academy, among others), and the 107 California Community Colleges (CCC), of which Los Angeles Harbor College is one.

The CCs and Los Angeles Harbor College offer community college students, both resident and international, coherent transfer program access to both the UCs and the CSUs and offer opportunities to transfer to other institutions as well, either on the basis of signed articulation agreements or by individual credit transfer.

At Los Angeles Harbor College, students who wish to transfer normally work towards the A.A. degree in Liberal Arts (Transfer), where they concentrate on completing General Education courses and major concentration pre-requisite courses required for entry as juniors (3rd year students) at the four-year institution. Further, for students with more immediate goals, the CCs and Los Angeles Harbor College offer a variety of occupational and technical degree and certificate programs that have direct applicability to the needs of business and industry and permit successful F-1 students eligible to apply to participate in Post-Completion Practical Training, where they are eligible to work in the United States for one year after they have completed their studies. Occupational and technical programs themselves do not generally transfer to four-year institutions; however, many constituent courses have transferability, something which maybe important if a student later chooses to do academic work beyond the A.S. degree level.

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